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Pokémon GO Available for Download in the UK

The massively popular Pokémon GO from Niantic Labs, the Pokémon Company, and Nintendo has seen a gradual rollout across the globe, with the game becoming available in the European App Store just yesterday And now it’s officially available in the United Kingdom iOS App Store as well. It’s available both for the iPhone and iPad, as usual, and it’s a free download from the digital store. There are plenty of in-app purchases within, though, up to $99, so keep an eye on potential spending avenues. Pokémon GO is a title based around augmented reality, or AR. The idea is for players, or trainers, to go out into the real world and walk around, discovering Pocket Monsters around them using their iPhone or iPad (or Android device). Players can also interact with other players at gyms, which can be monuments and other landmarks, as well as “PokéStops,” which can help players find in-game power-ups.

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