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How to Hide your Dock and Get Circular Folders – No Jailbreak!

With what seems to be the longest wait for a jailbreak in recent times, people are trying to find different ways to customize their stock devices. Whether it’s a glitch, a bug, or just a way of finding how iOS works in order to use that knowledge to customize my device, I’m all ears. So let’s take a look at this easy trick to freshen up your springboard. There’s not a whole lot to this trick, which makes it even better because it requires very little effort at all. You really just have to apply specific wallpapers to get the hidden dock and circular folders effect. If you want to see it in action and how it works be sure to check out the video. The good thing about this trick is that there are several nice looking wallpapers to choose from and even with different styles. So it makes it a lot more practical to use. You can check out these wallpapers right here:

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