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Apple Plans to Open an Imaging Research Lab

Apple’s iPhone is already the most popular point-and-shoot camera, but to help keep that position the company has to keep making the camera better. To help with that, Apple is reportedly planning on opening a major imaging research lab in Grenoble, France. Specifically, the laboratory will help Apple develop improved imaging sensors, as well as other techniques, specifically designed for the cameras on its iOS devices. The report comes from the French paper Dauphiné Libéré, Apple’s work with sensors and imaging has been going strong with a team of more than a dozen engineers and researchers based out of the Minatec European research center, but the company is looking to expand in a big way by signing the new lease in Grenoble. With the new space, Apple plans on hiring up to 30 new engineers to work there, and will also allow Apple to bring in specialized equipment. Finally, the report also states that work on sensors for both the iPhone and iPad will be aided by engineers from STMicroelectronics, which has worked as a component supplier for Apple in the past.

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