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Apple Celebrates Bastille Day with Shot on iPhone Campaign Representing the French Flag

Apple’s long-running “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign has seen plenty of utility for the company since its debut, including celebrating Mother’s Day, and now it’s being used to celebrate Bastille Day in France. Apple has updated the French landing page with a three-pane view of blue-, white-, and red-themed imagery to represent the French flag. The images transition in a slow rotation, including images of people in a carnival ride, flowers, stairs, and more. Each of the photos are tagged with the photographer that snapped the image. The page is meant to celebrate Bastille Day, signifying the beginning of the French Revolution on July 14, 1789. The Shot on iPhone campaign initially launched back when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were the flagship devices on the market, and Apple has routinely updated the marketing initiative with new photos and videos ever since. You can check out the other images being used through the source link below.

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